Tuesday, September 29

Mystery To Me

The sun and the sea
My need to be me
All tends to be
A mystery to me

Standing silently
Between peace and distress
Beauty breathes

Choosing to be glad
When times are bad
Prevents the sad
feelings to be had

Wondering about
Miracles and its keeper
Key is choosing joy

Saturday, September 26


Blessed with friends
days in the sun
a roof overhead
and children well fed

Blessed by time
work that is mine
wheels to ride in
creativity within

Blessed once again
the waking dream
breathed to life by my efforts
blessed to life as God set forth

Thursday, September 24

Sparkle This

I live for this
The smile curling up from your lips
The touch of a baby's fingertips
The swirl of the music moving my hips

I live for this
The wind blowing back my hair from my face
The sky filling up that upward space
The moon shining light into the dark of this place

I live for this
The bright lights of a night on the town
The laughter of friends lift me up from my down
The awe of the universe erasing my frown

I live for this
The long sleep of night lazing into a fine day
The chance to sneak off to travel and play
The sparkle in your eyes as I steal you away

I live for this

Wednesday, September 23


When clouds fill my sky
They do sometimes
When clouds fill my sky
I look at the clouds
Waiting for rain

When the rain comes
As it does from time to time
When the rain comes
I ponder the grey
Trying to keep my arms dry

When the grey lingers
Sometimes we can't control it
When the grey lingers
I look for the silver within
Seeking messages in the grey

By the light of day
We have a clearer vision
By the light of day
We do not seek out clouds
But the clouds seek us instead
Casting shadows
Giving contrast to the bright light to follow

Monday, September 7

Collage of Collective Souls

Life as art
what fills your day
might be bright colors
or subtle shades of gray
Each of us a collage of collective souls
From friends collected on the path
As the years progress hopefully so
Life's art gains spiritual depth
And friends be colors so then my life
is kaleidoscope-ly blessed