Friday, March 16

This is a poem
      to remember
......nomatterwhat happens next
......nomatterwhat happened before
That I
      get to be me within it all
That I
      am blessed
      and happy
To be me
      within these moments.

I love how I've learned
      and am learning
To surrender to God's
To be grateful for all that I am
      and all that I have
      and all that there is

I am thankful for me
      my ability to smile
      my ability to see goodness
      my ability to be fair
               and fun
      my ability to fail
               and to heal

I love myself now
even if it all seems to be going
I surrender to God's
            and give thanks
That I
      Can be me
            In this moment

Wednesday, February 29

Can't Hide

Mama what's the recipe
for happiness deep inside
Mama what's the secret
I don't know it
I can't hide
what I don't know

Mama it's cold outside
in the summertime it's hot
I just want to be welcomed back in
I would be happy to be welcomed back in
I can't hide
what makes me happy

Mama there's all these rules
I never get it right
staying close to your crooked line
I never get it straight
I just want it to be okay
I can't hide
what is not okay

Mama daylight's fading
our conversation's waning thin
I can never show you
what powers my light within
I can't hide
my light within