Thursday, October 22

Fingers Clenched Releasing

Forgotten frost
lost within the fog
created by the un-thawing
created by the ice melting
created by the warmth growing
soul within glowing

Forgotten this cold
so long within my bones
let it go without my knowing
let it go to keep on going
let it go to and just forgiving
thankful to learn about living

Forgotten until this day
last anger still residing
this last bit within hiding
this last bit inside hanging
this last door opening wide
fingers clenched releasing me

Forgotten once again
these moments are just passing
hope my soul's still learning
hope within me yearning
hope that time's still turning
start the dance this day beginning

Sunday, October 4

Eclipse Brings To Light

The eclipse came into the life
overshadowing lies; allowing truth's entry
posting on heart's door a sentry
guarding and knowing of the soul's questions
brought reality to dreams in a heartbeat
created connections where deeper bonds meet

The eclipse came into the life
unannounced; shadow intensified the light
then moon's peace overtaking the night
joy felt stronger than a blissful moment
smiles set deep in the conscious spread
warm like butter melts in fresh bread

The eclipse came into the life
in response to the calling of the sky
there was no need to investigate why
the desire a question still to be answered
creating a void within, so to learn

patiently awaits life to be, the return

Tuesday, September 29

Mystery To Me

The sun and the sea
My need to be me
All tends to be
A mystery to me

Standing silently
Between peace and distress
Beauty breathes

Choosing to be glad
When times are bad
Prevents the sad
feelings to be had

Wondering about
Miracles and its keeper
Key is choosing joy

Saturday, September 26


Blessed with friends
days in the sun
a roof overhead
and children well fed

Blessed by time
work that is mine
wheels to ride in
creativity within

Blessed once again
the waking dream
breathed to life by my efforts
blessed to life as God set forth

Thursday, September 24

Sparkle This

I live for this
The smile curling up from your lips
The touch of a baby's fingertips
The swirl of the music moving my hips

I live for this
The wind blowing back my hair from my face
The sky filling up that upward space
The moon shining light into the dark of this place

I live for this
The bright lights of a night on the town
The laughter of friends lift me up from my down
The awe of the universe erasing my frown

I live for this
The long sleep of night lazing into a fine day
The chance to sneak off to travel and play
The sparkle in your eyes as I steal you away

I live for this

Wednesday, September 23


When clouds fill my sky
They do sometimes
When clouds fill my sky
I look at the clouds
Waiting for rain

When the rain comes
As it does from time to time
When the rain comes
I ponder the grey
Trying to keep my arms dry

When the grey lingers
Sometimes we can't control it
When the grey lingers
I look for the silver within
Seeking messages in the grey

By the light of day
We have a clearer vision
By the light of day
We do not seek out clouds
But the clouds seek us instead
Casting shadows
Giving contrast to the bright light to follow

Monday, September 7

Collage of Collective Souls

Life as art
what fills your day
might be bright colors
or subtle shades of gray
Each of us a collage of collective souls
From friends collected on the path
As the years progress hopefully so
Life's art gains spiritual depth
And friends be colors so then my life
is kaleidoscope-ly blessed

Monday, August 3

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

("I call upon Divine Wisdom")

Thank you for the violet light
streaming down through my head
lavender scented dreams and visions
meeting the indigo mind, intuitive guidance
bringing to my senses that subtle world within
Let me be true to myself
All of me

Thank you for the blue light of truth
Let candor lead me clearly each day
Through truth, all the deeper realities be
Bringing green light to my heart
Green means "go" don't you see?
Let me be true to myself
All of me

Thank you for the bright yellow light of my life
Golden nuggets of experience, absorbed to my soul
These lessons are carried inside me forever
Feeding the orange light creates today
Bringing imaginative works to share
Let me be true to myself
All of me

At the root of it, love beaming red
Love of life, Love of others, love of spirit, love of self
Grounding us to each other, grounding us to ourselves
Love the base of truth, the foundation of life, incarnate
Love a gift to me and you and all beings
Let me be true to myself for love's purpose
All of me

Sunday, August 2

Gift Of A Smile

I give you my smile today
a choice I made easily
like the choice to breathe
it was right to do
Other choices lie before you
Make choices that makes your heart smile
Make choices easy like breathing

I carry great joy in my heart
Part of my daily preparations
Like opening my eyes when I wake
I do it now without thinking
Carry joy in your heart too
Choosing things that make your heart smile
Choosing things that are easy like breathing

There will be days where you're caught unaware
Change is change sometimes short sometimes forever
Some days will bring choices you won't want to make
When that happens try not to be scared
Keep the happiness of your heart close by
Breathe in deep and step forward, spirit's with you
Breathe in deep, remember smiles that I gave you

Thursday, July 30

Out Of Control

I had a day go
out of control
Coming right at me
but I didn't know
Weather was changing
I wasn't prepared
Caught me off guard
Caught me unaware
Life taught me well
Spirit was near

So the day went
out of control
Sped by like lightning
and almost seemed frightening
Hail and great thunder
Blew moments right by
No time to react
No time to ask why
Life taught me this:
No reason to cry

Let the day go
out of control
It takes it own action
you just couldn't know
Take in all the chaos
As much as you're able
Breathe in spirit's vapors
Bring thanks to the table
Life gives its own lessons
Blessings do enable

Wednesday, July 29

A Little Place Of Peace

Wooded walk
We chose our path
New to us but familiar

Wild raspberries delighting
Careful for the ivy
Aren't they delicious?

New fragrances in these woods
She runs ahead, but back again
This marvelous child that I bore

We find our way down the path
Wooded glen clears away wide
A field of grasses and open sky

Our path together now
My baby grown so wonderfully
Proudly I encourage her future

Soon changes come
My heart is with her always
Her dreams and mine, blossoming

This moment our gift
A little place of peace
The whole sky, beckoning

Taking Flight

This is the beginning of a new journey. Writers are given the opportunity to pursue many different paths in the course of their lives; among other things, we write as part of our explorations in the world, our experimentation with ideas, and the expression of our waking dreams.

The Owl Child Diaries aspire to be all about finding joy. It is an experiment in happiness. It is a discussion of the positive truth. It is the dream of unlocking our collective inner light.

I plan to leave the format open; unlike my poetry blog "Day Something Like Georgous Coffee", I will not be limited to my poetic writings but include essays, dialogue, interviews and more - whatever it is that might encourage you, the reader, to feel uplifted, motivated and encouraged to find that higher self inside, that happy being that you were when you were born. I want you to see that version of radiance that you so long to become.

Thank you for joining me along my path today!