Monday, August 3

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

("I call upon Divine Wisdom")

Thank you for the violet light
streaming down through my head
lavender scented dreams and visions
meeting the indigo mind, intuitive guidance
bringing to my senses that subtle world within
Let me be true to myself
All of me

Thank you for the blue light of truth
Let candor lead me clearly each day
Through truth, all the deeper realities be
Bringing green light to my heart
Green means "go" don't you see?
Let me be true to myself
All of me

Thank you for the bright yellow light of my life
Golden nuggets of experience, absorbed to my soul
These lessons are carried inside me forever
Feeding the orange light creates today
Bringing imaginative works to share
Let me be true to myself
All of me

At the root of it, love beaming red
Love of life, Love of others, love of spirit, love of self
Grounding us to each other, grounding us to ourselves
Love the base of truth, the foundation of life, incarnate
Love a gift to me and you and all beings
Let me be true to myself for love's purpose
All of me

Sunday, August 2

Gift Of A Smile

I give you my smile today
a choice I made easily
like the choice to breathe
it was right to do
Other choices lie before you
Make choices that makes your heart smile
Make choices easy like breathing

I carry great joy in my heart
Part of my daily preparations
Like opening my eyes when I wake
I do it now without thinking
Carry joy in your heart too
Choosing things that make your heart smile
Choosing things that are easy like breathing

There will be days where you're caught unaware
Change is change sometimes short sometimes forever
Some days will bring choices you won't want to make
When that happens try not to be scared
Keep the happiness of your heart close by
Breathe in deep and step forward, spirit's with you
Breathe in deep, remember smiles that I gave you