Thursday, October 24


Sometimes I forget
myself; I forget to look up and
see stars, and I forget the knowing voice inside
I hear only the chattering of doubt, yes, shadows
serving a purpose of sorts, we all carry
the voice of our heart colored over time
by shadows that help us hear our messages to
ourselves, like a dark night does, covering what doesn't matter
so that you can see what's important, the stars
darkness of night, blanketing the distractions of the day
showing you what will shine brightly

Thursday, January 10

I want to write this line or two
I want to write a line

Words are weak compared to power
That electricity, and the bond.
how do you write about this bond?

Even the energy behind the broken thing
fails the frail word
A weak offering for what's been heard
by ears that hear beyond our head
by ears, connected to our hearts
how much I wanted to be heard
by ears, connected to your heart.
I wanted to touch your heart.

The surface
the spark that all can see
the spark that's recognized by all
maybe it sounds like a dull thud
but a rumbling of power, that
tied us together anyway.
Our dull thud.

I wish I could speak with some dull thud
that your heart would hear it --
Maybe hear, the noise in my head.
Maybe hear, the noise of my heart.

Instead, tomorrow.
Shedding some light
Gives me some new angles to consider.