Thursday, January 10

I want to write this line or two
I want to write a line

Words are weak compared to power
That electricity, and the bond.
how do you write about this bond?

Even the energy behind the broken thing
fails the frail word
A weak offering for what's been heard
by ears that hear beyond our head
by ears, connected to our hearts
how much I wanted to be heard
by ears, connected to your heart.
I wanted to touch your heart.

The surface
the spark that all can see
the spark that's recognized by all
maybe it sounds like a dull thud
but a rumbling of power, that
tied us together anyway.
Our dull thud.

I wish I could speak with some dull thud
that your heart would hear it --
Maybe hear, the noise in my head.
Maybe hear, the noise of my heart.

Instead, tomorrow.
Shedding some light
Gives me some new angles to consider.

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