Thursday, October 22

Fingers Clenched Releasing

Forgotten frost
lost within the fog
created by the un-thawing
created by the ice melting
created by the warmth growing
soul within glowing

Forgotten this cold
so long within my bones
let it go without my knowing
let it go to keep on going
let it go to and just forgiving
thankful to learn about living

Forgotten until this day
last anger still residing
this last bit within hiding
this last bit inside hanging
this last door opening wide
fingers clenched releasing me

Forgotten once again
these moments are just passing
hope my soul's still learning
hope within me yearning
hope that time's still turning
start the dance this day beginning

Sunday, October 4

Eclipse Brings To Light

The eclipse came into the life
overshadowing lies; allowing truth's entry
posting on heart's door a sentry
guarding and knowing of the soul's questions
brought reality to dreams in a heartbeat
created connections where deeper bonds meet

The eclipse came into the life
unannounced; shadow intensified the light
then moon's peace overtaking the night
joy felt stronger than a blissful moment
smiles set deep in the conscious spread
warm like butter melts in fresh bread

The eclipse came into the life
in response to the calling of the sky
there was no need to investigate why
the desire a question still to be answered
creating a void within, so to learn

patiently awaits life to be, the return